We provide such dedicated applications for business as solutions supporting the organizations’ performance, object monitoring, financial analysis, tool service and management within IoT solutions. Within this business branch, we also create innovative products that are distributed/sold on the global market.

We implement Atlassian solutions and use them when developing Agile programs, supporting DevOps and building Service Desks.

What we do:

Machine Learning solutions

Promity is currently working on the unstructured data analysis i.e. pictures, movies, texts, sounds and various natural reactions (e.g. galvanic skin response). It is particularly important to extract information relevant for business purposes from the flood of the data available. Most of our solutions are used for the classification of information. We make use of the Deep Learning algorithms and have developed our own face recognition tool which is extremely effective.

IoT solutions

We develop software which integrates wireless devices – from beacon devices to advance measuring devices. We process the data from those appliances and administrate them taking into account issues related to the limited working time and the signal performance.

Web applications

We create reactive web applications using up-to-date frameworks (e.g. Angular) and paying attention to usefulness and ergonomics (UX).

Mobile applications

We build mobile apps for Android and iOS using native libraries as well as frameworks of a higher level (e.g. Ionic).

Application Integration

We integrate applications with the use of the Talend ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) solutions and several internationally recognized integration patterns (EIP) which include the message creation, the routing and translation, the administration of communication channels and end-user interfaces. In an agile and visually appealing way we deliver services and micro services. Integration processes may also include Big Data and data integration.


We supply DevOps teams with solutions that facilitate their work and help them with continuous integration, creating and managing environments and repositories or with the code review. We base on Atlassian solutions and open source software (e.g. Ansible, Docker, Vagrant, Jenkins and Selenium).


Machine Learning solutions

Exemplary solution


RFace is a product dedicated to the picture based face recognition. It may work in the single person recognition mode with a single picture or process more faces. The initial solution set up (so-called training) is required for face recognition. This setup includes recording the face of a person by a video camera.

IoT Solutions

Exemplary solutions

In collaboration with Neuro Device we’ve developed software for monitoring newborns’ and older children’s biological parameters. As soon as information from the sensor is received, the app shows typical biological parameters (e.g. pulse and body temperature) as well as apnea and fall monitoring. The application is available on mobile devices.

Web Application

Exemplary products

Application for tracking working groups in the field
The application is available in browser and provides such basic features as monitoring and radio communication with other users. The application functionality includes not only administering (e.g. radiotelephone management) but also using the application (e.g. sending messages).


  • Map visualization including the process of imaging the network users’ position based on the GPS data and creating your own map objects.
  • Sending and receiving short messages, direct and group calls as well as calls between dispatchers.
  • Sending and playing audio files.
  • Monitoring and reporting user and system activity.
  • Communication system configuration and management such as adding radiotelephones, creating user groups and user management.

The application is available in browser and provides such basic features as monitoring and radio communication with other users.

Mobile Applications

Exemplary solution:

The app helps parents and guardians to keep their children safe. It allows you to monitor the child’s location in particular in dangerous areas and send messages including the SOS message.

Application Integration

We implement integration solutions using Talend ESB (Enterprise Service Bus).

It enables you to monitor, manage and configure service activities. In addition, it is possible to create jobs that provide services and integration jobs (i.e. route).


It is impossible to ensure efficient operation of large IT organizations without implementing accurate processes supported by dedicated tools.

Source: Atlassian

What we do:

We design and launch practices and processes within an organization in order to provide a proper IT functioning.

We implement dedicated solutions to support these processes.

We use ATLASSIAN solutions.

Atlassian is a top Australian software manufacturer for teams and collaboration tools for working with IT teams.