We support enterprises and institutions with introducing important changes such as digital transformation, new product lines, and business models, focusing primarily on IT teams. We meet these objectives through project and portfolio management, suppliers management, skill and technology development especially in Enterprise Architecture, Data Governance, Agile, and DevOps.

What we do:

Organization Transformation

This also includes changes in their business model, digitization or optimization of the CAPEX/OPEX costs. In terms of the organizational transformation, we use various methodologies concerning, i.a. portfolio management, Enterprise Architecture, and capability modeling.

Implement Agile methodology and DevOps

We help with choosing the best methodologies and consulting. We also implement IT tools (mainly Atlassian and open source software solutions).

Data management and Information extraction

We apply data governance and data management processes, including the enterprise architecture, data quality, metadata, basic data, data integration, and safety. We provide methodological support and the tools necessary for the works connected with data profiling and data preparation as well as the quick evaluation of the Big Data/Machine Learning solutions.

Organization transformation

We support organization transformation at the stages of planning, realization, and stabilization. We are perfectly aware of the business environment changes, new business models, and digitization and we try to define the range of business and IT operations and supervise their execution.

We meet these objectives by using internationally recognized methodological tools such as project and portfolio management and Enterprise Architecture solutions.

Enterprise architecture

Enterprise architecture makes it easier for the organizations to be successful in achieving TO-BE state, such as the implementation of new services or products, reorganization, merger, and implementation of the business/digital model. By applying an architectural approach (with the usage of AS-IS knowledge) we try to identify the gap between the target state and then define the change and conduct it in a controlled manner.

Enterprise architecture is commonly defined as a complex solution, hard to implement and understand. This is the reason why it so so important for us to develop and apply an agile approach and adjust it to the needs of any organization.


More efficient implementation of changes within an organization

Increased profitability of the investment

Quick evaluation and validation of business initiatives

Quick IT adaption to any business changes

Better use of the possibilities delivered to business by the IT

We are a member

We participate

Project portfolio management and program management

Project portfolio management

Organizational changes are often related to the ongoing implementation of many projects at the same time. With the project portfolio management solutions it is easier to correlate and select them when adopting the right strategy.

Program management

Its mechanisms are introduced when the organization achieves its strategic goals by implementing tightly correlated projects. This program acts as a protective shield for such projects and also makes it possible to achieve a higher level of management.

Project management

Most organizations and enterprises are nowadays perfectly aware of the advantages the project management brings. Therefore we combine a traditional approach towards it with the agile one and link project management with the software development processes.


Capability and economic benefits provided as planned and expected

Coherence at the strategic level between management and operational management

Development of design culture, change culture and responsibility (especially in agile approach)

Agile and DevOps

We implement agile practices to software development improving them by using good analytical and architectonical patterns. We do everything to prevent Scrum and other agile practices from becoming a synonym for the organizational mess. We try to ensure that they are reflected in positive cultural changes.

We supply DevOps teams with our knowledge which facilitates continuous integration and monitoring as well as helps them to manage repositories, artifacts, releases, and tests or to build and review code.

We usually work on Atlassian solutions and open source software (e.g. Ansible, Docker, Vagrant, Jenkins and Selenium).

Data management and Information extraction

We support works on data governance and other important processes e.g. data architecture, data quality, metadata, basic data and Big Data, data integration and safety.

Considering our vast experience in using Big Data and Machine Learning, we are carrying out works on information extraction and knowledge discovery.